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The period during which a loan is to be repaid.

Term life insurance A life insurance policy which is paid out only if the insured has died before a specified time.

Termination for breach An agreement may be terminated in the event of gross breach. For example, a lessor may – on demand – terminate a lease if he does not receive the rent.

Testamentary capacity The capacity to make a decision on the inheritance conditions of a will.

Testamentary capacity, qualitative The testator’s right to determine by will how the individual parts (effects) of the estate are to be distributed.

Testamentary capacity, quantitative The testator’s right to determine by will who is to inherit assets that are not the indefeasible shares of spouse and issue.

Testamentary freedom The part of an estate for which a testator executes a will. If the testator leaves beneficiaries entitled to an indefeasible portion of the estate or retains undivided possession of the estate, he/she can only deal with part of the estate, cf. section 24(2) and 50 of the Danish Inheritance Act.

Testator The person making a will.

The effective date of the estate of a deceased person The date which provides the basis for the inventory of the assets, liabilities, income and expenses of the estate. Not later than one year after the death in estates subject to administration out of court, cf. section 31 of the Danish Administration of the Estates of Deceased Persons Act, and two years after the death in administrator’s estates, cf. section 66(2) of the Danish Administration of the Estates of Deceased Persons Act.

The effective date on a transfer The date the buyer takes over the liabilities. For example, in connection with real property, the liability to pay property tax, etc. The date of completion must be stated in a conveyance.

The Human Rights Court See ‘The European Court of Human Rights’

The land register The land registry’s registrations are found in the land register. The land register is computerised.

The presumption of legitimacy When a married woman gives birth to a child, her husband is automatically presumed to be the father, cf. section 1 of the Danish Children Act.

Third party agreement An agreement between A and B, creating a right to a third party C.

Third-party notice Notice to people other than the parties to the action about a legal action in which he/she is requested to look after his/her interests during the action. The person concerned does not become a party to the action.


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