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Statement of claim. Description of the facts of a legal action. Narratio is part of the judgment.

Naturalisation The proceeding whereby a foreigner is granted citizenship. This is done by law, cf. section 44(1) of the Danish Constitution.

Necessity When an offence was necessary and was performed to prevent a greater evil. The criminal offence will not be punished provided that the offence is of a subordinate nature.

Negative prescription, barring of claims When a right terminates because it is not asserted, for example within a time-limit.

Negligence Lack of care – fault.

Negotiable Negotiable instrument, cf. section 11 of the Danish Instruments of Debt Act, or a bill of exchange, for example. The debtor according to a negotiable claim will lose the right to make minor objections to the buyer of the claim.

Negotiable debt instrument

A debt instrument that meets one of the following conditions, cf. section 11 of the Danish Instruments of Debt Act:

  • which is for payment to bearer or does not specify to whom the debt is to be paid (bearer debt instruments), 
  • which is for payment to a specified person or order (order debt instrument). which provides a mortgage on real property or a registered vessel or aircraft unless the words »not to order« or similar reservations are included in the instrument of debt, or 
  • which is for payment to a specified person (name debt instrument) if they unambiguously state that they are to be negotiable debt instruments.
Negotiorum gestio Transacting somebody’s affairs without consulting him/her. The right to act on behalf of somebody else – to prevent a threatening loss – when they are prevented from doing so themselves.


Is used to describe beneficiaries of insurance policies and pension schemes. According to section 105 a of the Danish Insurance Contracts Act and section 5 a of the Danish Pensions Savings Act, next-of-kin are:

  • spouse,
  • cohabitant,
  • children,
  • or beneficiaries.

In order for a cohabitant to be considered next-of-kin, the cohabitant must be living together with the policyholder/account holder at their joint address and be expecting, have or have had a child by the policyholder/account holder or have lived together with the policyholder/account holder in a marriage-like relationship at the joint address for the last two years before the death.

Non-competition clause When, for competitive reasons, an employee undertakes to the employer not to carry on any business or other activity of a certain nature nor to accept employment with such business, cf. section 18 of the Danish Salaried Employees Act. In some cases, a non-competition clause can be set aside under sections 36 and 38 the Danish Contracts Act.

Non-compulsory auction Auction requested by the owner or one of the owners of a property. Is used to sever a joint ownership. In a dispute, non-compulsory auction requires that the usual prior notice be given to terminate the joint ownership.

Non-mandatory A rule of law the operation of which can be dispensed with by agreement between the parties.

Notarial will Will signed at a court registry or otherwise before an employee of the court registry who may act as a notary, cf. section 41 of the Danish Inheritance Act.

Notice of termination Right according to a contract or law to cancel a contractual agreement. For example, a lessor may give a lessee notice of termination if the lessor is to use the flat him/herself. An agreement may also be terminated by notice in the event of less serious breaches.

Nullity Invalid even though not contended by the parties.


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