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Joinder of actions

Consolidation of several actions.

Joinder of parties When a party to a legal action wants a third party to join the action because the party has a claim against the third party, cf. section 250(2) of the Danish Administration of Justice Act.

Joint and several liability When several persons owe the same amount and everybody owes the whole amount in relation to the creditor.

Joint expenses Used about the joint expenses of, for example, an association of owner-occupied flats in connection with land, roof, etc.

Joint guarantors Guarantors who are all liable for the same debt. The guarantors are usually jointly and severally liable, i.e. they are all liable for the entire debt.

Joint ownership When two or more persons own an asset jointly – i.e. they are both (all) registered as owners of the asset. Joint ownership of a plurality of assets is called a partnership. Joint ownership of one asset is severed in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Administration of Justice Act on a forced sale if the parties cannot reach agreement themselves.

Joint-life insurance When A takes out an insurance policy payable on B's death and B takes out an insurance policy payable on A's death. Is used by unmarried cohabitants. No estate duty is payable as the premium is paid by the person to whom amounts are paid.

Judge The person representing the court during the case. It can be a judge, a deputy judge or an assistant judge. No matter who the judge in a case is, nobody else can give the judge instructions on the outcome of the case.

Judgment The court can make a ruling by judgment, order or decision.

Judgment debtor Debtor – the person at whom enforcement or insolvency proceedings etc. are aimed.

Judicial Alternative term for legal.

Judicial implication of terms A rule which can be used unless otherwise agreed by the parties or unless the circumstances of the parties otherwise require.

Jurisdiction agreement Agreement between parties to a legal case laying down in which judicial district the court is to decide the case.


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