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Loans on receivables.

Facultative Not compulsory – optional.

False assumption Wrong idea in a person which has, to a greater or smaller extent, contributed to the person taking a given action such as entering into an agreement.

Fidelity insurance An insurance company’s guarantee that, for example, an attorney pays contractual obligations. Administrators and trustees must have fidelity insurance.

File Copies of documents registered on properties. The files of the judicial district are retained at the court registry. Each property has a folder in the land registry’s files. The folder contains the documents registered on the property.

Filing cabinet The files of the land registry, i.e. the place where documents are stored.

Final conveyance A conveyance called a final conveyance refers to the fact that all conditions for the transfer have been met and that the buyer has become the owner of the property without reservation.

Fire protection Improvement of a building to reduce the risk of fire and the risk of a fire spreading rapidly.

Fixed price agreement Agreement to freeze the price at which a mortgage credit loan is to be paid out.

Fixing of dates for court hearings Decision fixing the dates and times of court hearings.

Flex loan Alternative term for an adjustable-rate loan. If other mortgages are to rank after such a loan, the postponement must state that the loan is an adjustable-rate loan.

Floorage The total area of all storeys used in a property.

Force majeure An external event which cannot be prevented by human care, skill or foresight, e.g. natural catastrophes.

Force of law The judgment/order is a binding decision on the case. You cannot just bring a case about the same issue again.

Forced sale A forced sale of real property is held by the enforcement court while a forced sale of movable property is usually referred to an auctioneer.

Forced sale proviso Proviso of a mortgage according to which the mortgage debt can be taken over by a buyer at a forced sale. This is conditional upon the buyer complying with the provisions of the conditions of sale concerning payment on the mortgage.

Foreseeability Foreseeability: the result a reasonable person would foresee as a result of an action.

Forest preserve Area of land permanently reserved for a forest and to be preserved as a forest, cf. sections 3 and 4 of the Danish Forest Act.

Forward covering of the price Agreement freezing the price of a mortgage credit loan even though the loan will not be drawn down or redeemed until later.

Foundation Independent institution, with no group of owners.

Franchise Agreement between two merchants, A and B, concerning B's marketing of a business concept developed by A.

Fraud Intentionally making a false representation – possibly by omission – with a view to causing an action.



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