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Easement Civil proceedings are initiated by the issue of a writ of summons to the court. Certain requirements apply as to the form of a writ of summons (see that term).

Easement A right over real property when the rights holder only has a restricted right to the property – does not own the property. This may, for example, be a right of way or an option to buy. The right is registered on the property.

Education or training contribution Contributions to children aged 18 to 24 that a parent, who does not have custody, can be ordered to pay. The child must be undergoing education or training. The contribution is imposed by the Regional State Administration.

Effective credit interest Comprises for mortgage credit bonds the direct interest and the redemption gain. The interest is also stated as a figure and is calculated on the basis of the average redemption date of the bonds. For private mortgages, the total interest received from the purchase of the mortgage is stated at a price of less than 100.

Effective debit interest Comprises total interest including nominal interest, capital loss, brokerage and contributions. This interest is also stated as a total figure.

‘Ejerlav’ (title number division) Division of title number. Is part of the title number of the property.

Endorsement by the court Entry by the land registry of mortgages or burdens that a mortgage will not be subject to or which have not been taken over by the buyer according to the conveyance.

Endorsement of modification Alternative term for endorsement of postponement.

Energy consultant Prepares a report on the energy and water consumption of a property.

Enforceable When a judgment or the like can be enforced in the enforcement court, it is enforceable.

Enforcement The enforcement court’s enforcement of a claim.

Enforcement notice A statement binding the recipient from the time the statement is received by the recipient. An enforcement notice needs not have been read by the recipient to be effective.

Entry as a liability A deduction from an estate on account of a debt item which is not to be paid now.

Equity Value less debt. Is often used in connection with real property in which the equity is the property’s value less the mortgage debt.


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