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Cancellation from the land register Cancellation from the land register is subject to the acceptance of the interested party – the creditor, the person entitled to take proceedings etc. – or application of section 20 of the Danish Registration Act or cancellation.

Cancellation of endorsements by the court No court fee is charged but a request on the document is required.

Capacity Ability to act in a way that is valid according to Danish law.

Capital debt A designation of debt relating to roads, drains etc.

Capital insurance Insurance with a lump sum payment – unlike an insurance plan with regular payments.

Case in which free legal aid is granted Legal action in which free legal aid is granted.

Case summary The court can demand that a party to a civil action deliver a document describing the outcome sought by the party. The document must also give the grounds for the desired outcome and any evidence the party wishes to be produced during the proceedings.

Cash loan Mortgage credit loan where any capital loss on the sale of bonds is paid via the interest on the loan – unlike bond loans.

Cash reservation Where cash payment has been agreed, the seller has the right to cancel the sale irrespective of the fact that the goods sold have been delivered to the buyer. This may be the case where, for example, the buyer has paid by a rubber cheque. This requires immediate response from the seller.

Cash sale When the buyer pays at the same time as the seller delivers the goods sold – in contrast to credit purchases.

Causality Cause and effect relationship. One of the conditions for liability in damages after assessment of fault.

Caution Decision in a criminal case. If it is a minor offence and the accused admits his guilt, the judge may close the case by letting the accused off with a caution.

Caveat emptor Let the buyer beware – duty to beware, for example, of potential defects in the product purchased.

Cedent Assignor of a debt.

Certificate of representation Certificate granted by the Probate Court which specifies the applicable type of grant and confers the authority on the spouse or other beneficiaries to administer the estate of a deceased person.

Cession Act by which a debt is assigned.

Cessionary Assignee of a debt.

Cessus The debtor in a transaction assigning a debt.


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