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AB 92

General Conditions for the provision of works and supplies within building and engineering.


Agreeing to the terms of an offer, cf. the Danish Contracts Act.

Access to documents

1) The right of the parties to see the documents of a case that is being handled by an administrative authority.

2) In a case before the courts - the right of the parties and their attorneys/counsel for the defence to see the documents produced and to see the court records and the record of judgments.

Additional estate duty The additional estate duty which is payable by beneficiaries who are not entitled to an indefeasible portion of an estate, cf. section 1(2) of the Danish Estate Duty Act.

Adjustable-rate loan Loan on which the interest rate and repayments are changed after an agreed period of time. 

Administration Inventory and distribution of an estate in connection with death, insolvency and dissolution of joint ownership and on legal separation and divorce.

Administration fee Concept used about, for example, part of the payment on a mortgage loan. The fee is to cover the mortgage credit institute’s administration expenses.

Administration out of court Form of administration where the beneficiaries administer the estate and divide the deceased’s funds among them, cf. part 15 the Danish Administration of the Estates of Deceased Persons Act.

Administration tax A tax to be paid to the Danish government in connection with administration. The amount depends on the type of administration.

Administrative detention Detention not decided by a judge. For example, compulsory detention of a mental patient.

Administrator The Danish Ministry of Justice appoints a number of attorneys as licensed administrators. These attorneys will administer a number of deceased persons’ estates, including cases where the estates are insolvent; where there is uncertainty as to heirs; or where the deceased has determined by will that the estate is to be administered by an executor. The Probate Court must appoint one of the licensed administrators unless the deceased has decided by will who is to be the executor.

Admission of a claim When a defendant of a case admits the plaintiff’s claim.

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