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The Judicial Appointments Council 

The Judicial Appointments Council, established on 1 July 1999, submits recommendations to the Minister of Justice for all judicial appointments except the post of president of the Supreme Court.

The Council may only recommend one applicant for an opening. Recommendations must be reasoned and include any differences of opinion. In practice, the Minister of Justice always follows the Council's recommendations.

The Danish Judicial Appointments Council is an independent council. The Danish Court Administration acts as secretariat to the Council, and the Minister of Justice appoints the members of the Council based on the comments of a plenary sitting of the Supreme Court, the high courts, the Association of Danish Judges, the General Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society, the National Association of Local Authorities in Denmark and the Danish Adult Education Association.

The Council is composed of a supreme court judge (chairman), a high court judge (vice-chairman), a district court judge, a lawyer and two representatives of the public.

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