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The Appeals Permission Board 

The Appeals Permission Board was established on 1 January 1996 and has since then considered petitions for leave to appeal in civil and criminal cases (second and third tier grants).

Thus the Appeals Permission Board considers petitions for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court although the cases in questions have already been tried and reviewed (third tier grant). Such cases are test cases, e.g. cases that may have implications for rulings in other cases, or cases of special interest to the public. Certain case types require permission by the Appeals Permission Board in order to be brought before a superior court (second tier grant).

In terms of grants and administration, the Appeals Permission Board belongs under the Danish Court Administration, but the Appeals Permission Board is otherwise independent of the judiciary and the government services. So there is no appeal from the Board's decisions to the Minister of Justice or the Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil and Military Administration in Denmark (Ombudsmanden).

From 1 January 2007, the Appeals Permission Board will also act as the board of appeal for decisions on free legal aid made by the Civil Affairs Agency.

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