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Press release on the Submarine appeal case – court dates and access for reporters and audience 


The trial of the Submarine death appeal case will commence at the High Court of Eastern Denmark on September 5th 2018. The High Court has fixed the following dates for the appeal trial:


Wednesday, September 5th 2018

Wednesday, September 12th 2018

Friday, September 14th 2018


The court hearings will commence all days at 9.30 AM.

The trial will be held in courtroom 1 of the High Court (entrance at Bredgade 59, 1260 Copenhagen K). Changes of dates or location may occur and will be announced on the web site of the High Court and on the case lists in the courthouse.


Seats for reporters and audience

The number of seats in the courtroom is limited. To make sure that there are seats for relatives of the parties involved and for the press, the High Court has considered it necessary to allocate seats prior to the commencement of the trial. In doing so, a suitable number of seats have been reserved for Danish national news media and for Swedish national online public service news media.

For other audience than relatives to the victim or defendant the following reservations have been made:


  • 12 seats for Danish national news media
  • 2 seats for Swedish national online public service news media
    • Note! These 14 seats are numbered and have been assigned in advance to specific groups of individuals at all the court hearings


  • 6 seats will be allocated each day on a first come first served basis to reporters of other Danish and foreign media
  • 6 seats will be allocated each day on a first come first served basis to other audience members
    • Note! These 12 seats will be assigned each day at 8.30 AM by the entrance to the High Court at Bredgade 59


The court will schedule recess during the court hearings. Should the reporters or other audience members wish to leave the court room, they are requested to do so only during recess.

To make sure that it is possible for the media to give an account of the court hearings, a room has been fitted out for accredited reporters, who can follow the proceedings in the courtroom through TV monitors and loudspeakers. Every news media can reserve up to 2 seats in the press room.


Access to the press room requires press cards and registration

Whether or not a reporter or news media has previously contacted the High Court to reserve seats in the court room or press room, a new inquiry must be made to reserve seats in the press room. Reservations must be made by e-mail: 1.afdeling@oestrelandsret.dk. To enable the High Court to assess the extent of interest in using the press room, reservations must be made as soon as possible and on August 29th 2018 at the latest.

It is made very clear that video and sound recording is not allowed in the press room, in the courtroom or anywhere else within the courthouse, unless permission has been previously obtained. Any non-compliance with this prohibition will lead to immediate expulsion from the court and may be reported to the police.


Further information

For further information regarding practical issues contact the 1st department of the High Court by e-mail: 1.afdeling@oestrelandsret.dk. Members of the press can contact High Court Judge Karen Hald, media spokesperson, at telephone +45 41 25 90 31.

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