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Decision in the matter concerning extradition of South Korean woman 

Today, the Court of Aalborg made the decision that the decision of 16 March 2017 by the Danish Director of Public Prosecutions on the extradition of a female South Korean citizen, born in 1996, to South Korea must be deemed to be lawful.

In line with the decision of the DPP, the Court found that the conditions stipulated in the Danish Act on extradition of offenders are satisfied in the relevant case. In connection with the consideration of the matter at today’s court hearing, the counsel for the defence in particular emphasised that the evidential basis of the charges against the woman comprised by the decision made by the Director of Public Prosecutions was insufficient, and that the extradition warrant must be deemed to be politically motivated, but the Court emphasised that any additional review of the basis of suspicion must be deemed to go beyond what the Danish authorities should assess in connection with an extradition warrant.

According to the information available the motive for the offences of which she is suspected is not her or her mother’s political beliefs.

After consulting with the counsel for the defence, the woman decided to appeal against the decision to the Western High Court. In this connection, the Court decided that the woman, who has been detained since 1 January 2017, will remain in custody during the appeal.

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